The best HR project of the year is Multipoly

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The National Human Management Association is hosting the fifth HR Oscars. This year the award “Best HR Project of 2014” went to Multipoly, developed bye Games For Business and PwC. PwC Hungary recruitment leader Noemi Bíró and Balazs Vendler, the owner of Games for Business were present to pick up the honors at the award ceremony.Multipoly is an online simulation game that is part of PwC Hungary recruitment strategy for 3 years. The game is a 12-day event, with the first year of work inside the company is modeled: During this time, candidates must meet predetermined goals, which helps them to their virtual coach. The HR tests, wallets practices and professional situations inside the virtual office are to lighten-up the recruitment process, while building employer brand and commitment in the player.Multipoly in the past three years has been an integral part of PwC Hungary’s recruitment practices and employee brand, which has helped to highlight the the company among BIG4 firms are under Noemi . This is supported by the fact that in addition to inclusion of the most attractive employers list in 2012, and this year the international debout of Multipoly in the Paris in HR Gamification Summitt.