Cooperation with Lyon

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From the 10th to the 11th of December our cluster had the chance of visiting Lyon, France to meet representatives from the ICT sector of the region of Lyon in…

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Connect-IT 2013

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On 26th July, 2013 our cluster organised a conference where the hungarian innovation chain’s important questions were the main topics. Despite the summer time most of our member’s representatives arrived…

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InnoTrends 2013

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On 11th-12nd June 2013, the National Innovation Office organised an exhibition, entitled Innotrends 2013. The event dealt with the 11th Section innovation and regional aspects, and within the panel discussion…

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Clustermanager Club – Villány

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The spring meeting of the MAG LTD Cluster Development Office was hold in Villany. There the accredited innovation clusters of the country were invited, and the startup and emerging clusters…

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Bronze degree certificate

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As a result of a survey – which was taken by European Cluster Excellence Initiotive among european clusters – the Information Management Innovation Cluster reached silver degree. The evidence of…

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Mobile World Congress 2013

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A világ legjelentősebb mobil informatikai kiállításán vettünk részt 2013.februárjában.Klaszterünk képviseltette magát a világ legnagyobb mobil informatikai kongresszusán, a 2013-ban Barcelonában rendezett Mobile World Congressen. A közel 70.000 látogatót vonzó kiállítás…

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