i2k @ CeBIT 2014

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Several of our members, namely Inventure, Precognox and LogDrill (Kürt group) participated at CeBIT 2014 between the 10th and 14th of march, 2014. CeBIT was really successful and useful for LogDrill (KÜRT Group); We met with more than 200 companies coming from 46 countries. There were about 50 companies interested in reselling LogDrill. Lots of people were interested in us because usually operational data carries sensitive information, and the main software companies are coming from the US: people are afraid of backdoors. They trust more easily in a Hungarian independent company. Endre Jóföldi (Precognox, CEO): “We thought two months ago, that CEBIT 2013 had no result until one of my meeting partners contacted us, that co-operation now has specific projects outlined. We’ve talked to more than 40 people in person, we see openness to cooperate with us as Hungarians. Development of business relationships take time. We aim to participate again in 2015.” The greater rearch of foreign markets is an excellent opportunity for us in major international trade fairs. Given that many of clients of Inventure Automotive participated at CeBIT, we expect continued growth for our company. The exhibition has surpassed our expectations, as it showed that there is a considerable demand internationally for solutions. We formed a number of partnerships, which hold substantial long-term business opportunities. In the coming months we will work more effectively exploiting these opportunities.