Education workshop

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On 11/05/2016 our cluster held an educational workshop to discuss alternative methods for the elimination of labor shortages that increasingly prevent our from growing. Members shared experiences, knowledge and best practices.Today it is commonplace that significant labor shortages exist in the ICT sector. The problem of global proportions lies with traditional education systems seem that seem not to be capable to give a resounding answer. Alternative channels of education need to form: development of training capacities, which may alleviate the problem.First József Boda, co-founder of CodeCool introduced their school, their operating model and growth ideas. Next in line was Barbara Fazekas, co-founder of GreenFox Academy who introduced their educational model, and the first successful “class” of experience.After that showed several member companies in their own training, training program, which is very useful content based on experiences reported and the number of questions raised by the members.