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  1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files containing letters and numbers, punctuation, and other technical characters that are stored on your device when you visit certain web pages (computer, mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, etc.). This is information that aids in the use of web pages that the web server sends to the user’s browser, stored on the user’s device, and sent back to the server by the browser each time it is directed to it. They do not contain executables, viruses, spyware, or access the user’s hard drive data.

Cookies typically include the domain name of the page you are visiting (that is, the address entered in your browser), the duration of the cookie’s storage, and the information (s) stored. The cookie identifies, among other things, the user’s device and browser, such as content that is tailored to the visitor’s needs and basic browsing features, providing consistent sessions – help. In addition to the anonymity of the user, they also support the production of attendance statistics.

We do not store personally identifiable information in cookies, but we use encrypted information derived from it to enhance the user experience. For example, they help us diagnose and fix errors, or help us identify the interesting related products that we would like to highlight when browsing our site.

In the event that you have accepted the cookie notice on our websites, the cookie notice will not reappear until you delete the cookie in your browser configuration options (see Chapter 6).

If you share content on a social networking site – such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram – you may receive additional cookies from these sites. These cookies are not managed by, so we recommend that you visit the third party website for more information about them and how they are handled.

  1. Categories of cookies used on this site
  • They are functional and essential to the operation of the website

These cookies are required to enable our users to browse our site and to use the services provided on this site. When you close your browser, these cookies are automatically deleted from your computer. Without the use of these cookies we cannot guarantee your use of our website. Functional cookies are used to remember operations on a web page (for example, selected language, login).

  • Statistical cookies

These cookies are used, among other things, to help us understand which pages our visitors are visiting, how and how frequently they use our site, and how long they have stayed on a particular site. We also use third-party cookies from our advertising partners to measure the success of our campaigns.

  • Advertising targeting and marketing cookies
    1. The purpose of these cookies is to serve relevant groups of ads and content to user groups. The process is done manually. These cookies are stored on your machine. Cookies are not capable of identifying individuals. We use remarketing services to get you personalized ads.
  1. Stored cookies


Cookie nameProviderCookie descriptionCookie storage time

Functional cookie

Helps website navigation



A so-called Google Pixel that monitors whether a visitor has visited a page and based on that receives Google ads 



Provides information on whether the visitor has previously been on the website 

2 years


It records the time the user visited the web page

1 day






It records the time the user left the web page



Used to control the query rate

1 day


Monitors where the user clicked on the web page (search engine, social media, etc.)

6 months
  1. Data Processors

Hosting provider (Hosting site: Netherlands):

Cloudflare, Inc.

101 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Attention: Data Protection Officer


Google Ireland Ltd.

(Gordon House Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland)

  1. Forwarding third (to non-EU) countries
Through which data processor



Forward guaranteesReason forwarding to third countries 

Privacy Shield

Stats and storage of advertising data
  1.  Cookies’  treatment

Click the Google Ad Manager to see where you have the option to show or block ads for specific services.

Click here for Facebook ads settings.

Visitors of this site have the opportunity to delete, disable or change the cookies used by the Company’s website.

For instructions on how to adjust your settings for different browsers, visit:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge
Mozilla Firefox

It records the time the user visited the web page