Cluster meeting 05.12.2019.

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We are delighted that we could celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cluster management organization on 05.12.2019 at Corso Hotel, Pécs. In addition to the newly joining member companies, several founding members celebrated with us.

In addition to the unique occasion, the event has been made valuable with serious professional content. Ferenc Brachmann, cluster manager, welcomed the member companies, gave a brief evaluation of the work, projects and cooperations realized, events organized in 2019, furthermore he outlined the tasks, goals and programs planned for 2020.

Afterward, Károly Takács informed the attendees about the Modern Entrepreneurship Program and the application opportunities for the next EU budget cycle, just as well as for the current open possibilities of the MVP.

Then, we got an insight into the Helixlab of Pécs through the introductory presentation of István Zsenák and graduate students from the current courses.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Miklós Varga, a Florida state notary and STARTUP business mentor, who shared his experiences on helping companies entering the American market.

The evening ended with an informal networking opportunity, a celebration and a delicious dinner.

We would like to thank our members for the past 10 years!