Barion – the digital currency not only for parking

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The National Mobile Payment Ltd. today debuted Barion, the digital currency software as an ideal form of payment for parking at a news conference today. Barion is the only mobile application suitable for parking, with its prepayed balance among other things, like mobile payments, or even to pay at web shops.At today’s press conference Barion mobile parking was introduced, which will be available nationwide from July 1st. The Barion Parking is very simple: download, upload your balance, and you can use it. After downloading the application for registration Barion one minute, only an email address and a password is required, you are not required to appear in person than the banks. Barion allows you to pay without a credit card and purchase order, or send money to one another, both online and on your smart phone. The Barion mobile application is all you need for money to be in your pocket, as the smartphone is the device that is always with you everywhere. Barion operates under the Forint currency, and the supervision of the National Bank of Hungary. Few people know that the European Union now has three appearances for the money. The oldest of cash and current accounts held at the bank, and the latest in digital cash just three years old, also known as e-money. The Barion just as digital cash, which is stored in a server and which on any Internet browser or Barion mobile app can access. As such Barion is free to use for anything, anyone and everyone can be accepted. The Barion is a state-of-the-art software for digital money, as opposed to a debit card system, witch is medieval cumbersome, slow and expensive. Barion therefore operates at a low cost so that free individuals, traders and an incredible low fixed tariff: £ 1000 in free, over £ 1000 and £ 50 fixed, regardless of the amount. The application of digital money is simple and convenient, there is no need to remember kilometers of numerical codes and heaps of plastic cards to keep to ourselves.The Barion System was launched on June 2014th 1st, and already dozens of online and mobile retailers accept it, from beer through bikes and furniture, a wide variety of goods and services are alredy available. A list of merchants and the user base continues to grow, with the teaser campaign running throughout the summer and fall. The great novelty of digital cash, so in order to assist the understanding of Baryon mandatory application fee for the convenience of the mobile parking Baryon the implementation period, therefore on the first of July in case Baryon service fees payment will be 0 Forint.