An American company has become a partner of Precognox

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Precognox has became an official partner of a renowned Boston company, they can now also show their knowledge on the American market.In the rapidly developing IT world, it is not uncommon for companies specializing in the field to work in order to be effective. But an ocean-going partnership is all the more peculiar. Precognox Informatikai Kft. In Kaposvár became a formal partner of a leading American company, Basis Technology.”We’ve been open to the US for two years and we were in Boston for a multi-day training,” added Endre Jóföldi, managing director of the Kaposvár business. “We have begun to build our relationships along our field of expertise. We’ve been really inspiring, as the partner company is based in Cambridge, where many well-known Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are located.As we have learned from Endre Jóföldi, companies will cooperate in many areas. They help in different development requests ordered by the American partner. At the same time, Kaposvár’s enterprise can incorporate US technology software into its own software solutions. This can make the Hungarians more prosperous in their own territory for the future. They will cooperate, among other things, with the IT solutions used in the so-called data mining.An example of the everyday importance of data mining was Endre Jóföldi: the bombing maraton on Boston was on the list of dangerous people but his name was written differently than his passport. However, the American partner company has a name search program that can identify people in different spells. If the US border control body had used Boston’s software, the assassination could have been avoided. The good news is that this is the way it is.But the US company’s solutions are utilized in many other areas. Precognox in Kaposvár can be used to develop a text analysis program widely used in a government and commercial sector. One of their programmers, Gábor Tavali, was spending two and a half months outside the US partner company for the purpose of working together. There is much to be expected about future cooperation, which can be a good basis for further development of the company. (Source: