We help to grow our members

We have been formed with the mission of assisting/helping to grow our members and the ICT sector itself by improving their competitiveness on both product and human recourses market.

More qualified and more satisfied workforce

We improve our member’s position on the labour market by providing exclusive training programmes and by recruting more workforce. 


With value added services we improve our members’ presence on the international market, helping them to be export orientated.


Based on these goals we provide services that improve international competitiveness and their capability to produce added value. 
Ezen célok mentén nyújtunk tagjaink számára olyan szolgáltatásokat, melyek javítják nemzetközi versenyképességüket, illetve  hozzáadott-érték teremtő képességüket.

International business development

The Information Management Innovation Cluster is active in most EU, US markets through the activities of their member companies. We are active in these markets through our work in business development, digital and corporate marketing and B2B sales consulting services with an average active project base of between 5 to 7 member companies in the past 5 years. We have experience in the following fields in the area: 

  • B2B sales consulting: buyer persona profiling, customer journey planning, value proposition building, pricing model planning
  • Trade show services: production and representation services
  • Market entry consulting services: strategic market analisys, target market selection
  • Business development services: distribution channel planning, disributor matching, B2B sales services. Our company has a wide range of experience and staff in plact to handle the workload in all of the above mentioned activities.



The Information Management Innovation Cluster was formed on the 27th October 2008 with the aim of helping its members’ unified technology oriented development, furthermore to improve their domestic and international competitiveness on both their product and labor markets. 




One year after the formation, the membership decided to form professional cluster management organisation, so that on 07.12.2009. the Information Management Innovation Cluster Ltd. was formed with the managing direction of its its cluster manager, Ferenc Brachmann.

Cluster accreditation

The first time on 03.02.2012. our cluster was given the title of Accredited Innovation Cluster, that has been renovated each year ever since.



international bronze classification

As a result of the survey carried out by the European Cluster Excellence Initiotive among European clusters, the Information Management Innovation Cluster was given bronze classification. 

OVER 40 members

Our Membership/Association has exceeded 40 members in 2015, currently we provide our service to nearly 50 members. 


With our extended network, we provide new business opportunities. We continuously offer access to decisive actors of the ICT industry/sector of the Trans Danubian Region 3 to 4 times a year at our events and within informal frames as well.    

We support temporal redistribution of unused developer resources of our members within our internal network. We provide developer resources and termporary staffing opportunites for members.

We foster common brainstorming with our members, we establish best practices and showcase examples of re-seller agreements or joint product development. 

In the last 8 years our cluster organised an average of 1-2 conferences and 3-4 cluster meetings yearly with special emphasis on possibilities for the members for networking and presentation.

Our cluster has exclusive agreement with Helixlab Ltd. that ensures our members have priority access to Helixlab students  and have 50% discount on recruitment fee. 

We continuously monitor the ICT sector of the region and organise trainings for the staff of our member companies to improve theirefficiency of our members. 

In order to have successful and cost effective appearance on international tradeshows, we offer our expertise and  provide infrastructure for our our members. Our stand system is composed of back lit textile walls (2 pieces of 2×3 m and popup wall plus 3 countertops), 27” iMac, other additional accessories.

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