Webstar exhibited Trackateam at U1 Sport Data Analytics Summit

A thought-provoking and interesting conference and exhibition was held in Budapest on the subject of sports analytics. Webstar with theirTrackateam online sports management software was among the exhibitors attended the U1 Sports Data Analytics Summit.
The sport professionals working on laptop or tablet in the professional sports world has become the norm. Just as the easy to work with digital systems replace the cumbersome paper-based ones, thanks to Trackateam, youth sport clubs and associations can enhance their everyday work activities with online and mobile tools.

International GIS Day


The International Day of Geographical Information Systems (GIS day) will be celebrated for the third time at the University of Pécs in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Baranya County on the of 18 November 2015 on the Vargha Damján Conference Hall at campus of the University of Pécs.


New KConnect search services give healthcare the very best in medical information


KConnect launched its official website: and begins the commercialisation of new multi-lingual medical text analysis and search services. Precognox is a proud partner of the team.


Games for Business on

One of our founding members the MarkCon Informatics Ltd’s current development: the Games For Business MultiPolly game was mentioned on

CEBIT 2015

This year our membership was again represented by significant number of companies at the continent's oldest (organized since 1970), international trade show, CeBIT in Hanover. This year's event, included more than 4,000 exhibitors and nearly 400,000 visitors, Inventure Automotive Electronics, Precognox and MORTOFF represented our organization at the  Hungarian stand organized bye the Hungarian National Trade House.

Participation at IVSZ MENTA 2014 conference


Several of our members are also members of the Association of Hungarian IT Companies (IVSZ), and a large number of them were represented at the 21st edition of IVSZ MENTA conference. 


Focus on trade shows


Our cluster back from the summer of break ontinued its work focusing on a specific area: sharing  experiences of international trade shows was apropo of the event.


Barion - the digital currency not only for parking


The National Mobile Payment Ltd. today debuted Barion, the digital currency software as an ideal form of payment for parking at a news conference today. Barion is the only mobile application suitable for parking, with its prepayed balance among other things, like mobile payments, or even to pay at web shops.


The best HR project of the year is Multipoly


The National Human Management Association is hosting the fifth HR Oscars. This year the award "Best HR Project of 2014" went to Multipoly, developed bye Games For Business and PwC. PwC Hungary recruitment leader Noemi Bíró and Balazs Vendler, the owner of Games for Business were present to pick up the honors at the award ceremony.


The success of the MarkCon Group in Paris


On the first day at Gamification Summit in Paris Noemi Bíró on the behalf of of PwC Hungary held case study report, on the Multipoly game developed by the MarkCon Group. Our member company was exhibiting at the event as main sponsor, was also present, and the conference organizers for the event they developed a formal positions hashtag-collecting social media wall, which prooved to be a great success.