• On 30/09/2016 our membership has reviewed the current issues in IT education in the region: in a wide spectrum ranging from public education to adult education a number of interesting initiatives are present and offer opportunities to exchange knowledge and raise many questions to be discussed.
    [ 10/4/16 ]
  • On 11/05/2016 our cluster held an educational workshop to discuss  alternative methods for the elimination of labor shortages that increasingly prevent our from growing. Members shared experiences, knowledge and best practices.
    [ 5/17/16 ]

About the cluster

The Information Management Innovation Cluster was founded on 9 October 2008 in order to support its member companies’ uniform and technology-oriented development and to enhance their competitiveness both in the domestic and international product and labour market. There are two key areas where the enhancement of competitiveness is essential:

  • Internal competitiveness: development of employee retention and training competences
  • External competitiveness: enhancement of competitiveness in the product and service market

By addressing these challenges, the Cluster intends to provide added value enhancing services for both its founding members and new associates.