• Precognox has became an official partner of a renowned Boston company, they can now also show their knowledge on the American market.

    [ 8/30/17 ]
  • Our membership was closed this year at the Millennium Hotel Cluster Meeting held on the 22nd of December. Preparations for the festive mood and closing of the work year were done with some professional talks. 
    [ 12/23/16 ]

About the cluster

The Information Management Innovation Cluster was founded on 9 October 2008 in order to support its member companies’ uniform and technology-oriented development and to enhance their competitiveness both in the domestic and international product and labour market. There are two key areas where the enhancement of competitiveness is essential:

  • Internal competitiveness: development of employee retention and training competences
  • External competitiveness: enhancement of competitiveness in the product and service market

By addressing these challenges, the Cluster intends to provide added value enhancing services for both its founding members and new associates.